“Fundraiser” for Joaquin Sandoval’s family held in San Luis Obispo Academy 3/28/15


We have lost our friend Joaquin Sandoval student at our Paragon school from San Luis. We are trying to help his wife and kids with a Funraiser at San Luis this upcoming Saturday at 11:30am. Any kind of donation will help. You can drop of cash at the academy for Franjinha , he will teach the class. You can also click on this link for a direct donation.


Thank You Team!

Paragon Team at California fight Syndicate “Rise of the Underground” March 28th 2015 at Ear Warren show grounds


One week left!! Buy your tickets NOW! Paragon will be throwing some fights at Ear Warren this March 28th.

PAN AMS this year 2015!

PAN AMS CHAMPIONSHIP RESULTS, and a little of what went down this weekend!

WHITE / Master 2 / Male / Ultra Heavy
Second – Martin F. Cano – Paragon BJJ Academy

BLUE / Master 2 / Male / Ultra Heavy
Third – J. Danny Gonzalez – Paragon BJJ Academy

BROWN / Master 2 / Male / Light
Second – Manuel Paul Marquez – Paragon BJJ Academy

BROWN / Master 3 / Male / Heavy
Third – Nico Vrataric – Paragon BJJ Academy

BLACK / Master 4 / Male / Super Heavy
First – Ricardo Miller Ribeiro – Paragon BJJ Academy1 2 3 Untitled1969263_1081007451914586_3711346699384309777_n 10011146_1079557862059545_4661452098477327495_n 11046527_1079558562059475_1033617899133290649_n 11069919_814876771899089_331575742658215235_n 11070214_1081744375174227_1180599000150149461_n 11071463_869440396432917_5544513714867974972_n

NAGA Results, Congratulations from the Team PARAGON!

We keep putting the hard work out there, take a look at these results ya’ll!!! AMAZING…


NAGA Results from Paragon Daimyo Brazilian Jiujitsu MMA

Kids division:
Elias-Gold (GI) / Silver (No GI)
Yeshua- Silver (GI)/ (No GI)
Dominic- Gold (GI)
Beau- Gold(GI)/ (No GI)
Colton- Gold (GI)/ Silver (No GI)
Enzon- Gold (GI)
MIa- Gold (GI)
Vinny- Silver (GI)
Jacob- Silver (GI)
Alexis- Silver (GI)
Quinn- Silver (GI)
Izzy- Bronze (GI)
Michael- Silver (GI)
AJ- Bronze (GI)
Christopher- Bronze (GI)/ (No GI)

Adult divion:
Phillip Aguilar- Gold (GI)
Dominic- Gold (GI)
Namrah- Gold (No GI)/ Silver (GI)
Phillip Bidwell0- Gold (No Gi)/ Silver (GI)
Carl H- Gold (GI)
Brian- Gold (GI)/ Bronze (No GI)
John D- Bronze (GI)
Monique- Silver (GI)


10347493_909402585758340_4924317282219698471_n 1511503_909400055758593_1526190489187513628_n 1510422_909403219091610_8065367824366262895_n1507726_909402149091717_3913251351039820242_n

Paragon at Pan Ams 2015 list

WHITE / Adult / Male / Super Heavy-Gabe Manzano
WHITE / Adult / Female / Light- Sulma Y. Munoz
WHITE / Master 2 / Male / Ultra Heavy- Jason Storlie
WHITE / Master 2 / Male / Ultra Heavy- Martin F. Cano
BLUE / Adult / Male / Light- Pierce Gould
BLUE / Adult / Male / Light- Shaun Png
BLUE / Adult / Male / Middle- John Arce
BLUE / Master 1 / Male / Middle- James Smith
BLUE / Master 1 / Male / Heavy- Julian Lopez
BLUE / Master 2 / Male / Medium Heavy- Ron Rocky Cayabyab
BLUE / Master 2 / Male / Heavy- michael safran
BLUE / Master 2 / Male / Ultra Heavy- Jamie Danny Gonzalez
PURPLE / Adult / Male / Feather- Justin Robert Ledesma
PURPLE / Adult / Male / Feather- peter fabela
PURPLE / Adult / Male / Light- Sebastian Perez
PURPLE / Adult / Male / Light- Yaskin Solano
PURPLE / Master 1 / Male / Light- Jason Capalad
PURPLE / Master 2 / Male / Middle- Martin Requena
BROWN / Adult / Male / Light Feather- Adam Jeremy Abrams
BROWN / Adult / Male / Light- Michael Allen Ledesma
BROWN / Master 2 / Male / Light- Manuel Paul Marquez
BROWN / Master 3 / Male / Feather- Jose Juan Adame
BROWN / Master 3 / Male / Medium Heavy- Raymond Joseph Arensdorf Jr.
BROWN / Master 3 / Male / Ultra Heavy- Morgan J. Mainz
BLACK / Master 2 / Male / Medium Heavy-John Edward Letters
BLACK / Master 4 / Male / Middle- Ricardo Miller Ribeiro
Paragon BJJ Thousand Oaks
WHITE / Master 2 / Male / Middle- Craig Chelius
BLUE / Adult / Female / Middle- Lynsay Capalad
BROWN / Master 3 / Male / Heavy-Nico Vrataric

Let the spirit shine!



Big Congrats to all these tough competitors who made out to Texas and gave their all. Very proud of all of you, Franjinha right by your side like the boss and partner he will always be for his Team of Panthers. Congratulations all and keep being the motivation for the rest.

PURPLE / Adult / Male / Light Feather
Third – Christian Carter – Paragon BJJ Academy

BROWN / Adult / Male / Middle
First – Jose M Portillo Jr – Paragon BJJ Academy

BROWN / Adult / Male / Open Class
Second – Jose M Portillo Jr – Paragon BJJ Academy

BROWN / Master 1 / Male / Feather
First – John Anthony Torres – Paragon BJJ Academy

BROWN / Master 2 / Male / Medium Heavy
Third – Roy Campanella Twymon Jr – Paragon BJJ Academy

BLACK / Master 1 / Male / Middle
Second – Alex Martins do Nascimento – Paragon BJJ Academy

BLACK / Master 2 / Male / Light
Second – Robert Mark Dembeck – Paragon BJJ Academy

BLACK / Master 3 / Male / Heavy
First – Ricardo Miller Ribeiro – Paragon BJJ Academy

Paragon out in Houston International Open IBJJF Jiu-Jitsu Championship, Feb 7th & 8th


Paragon out for competition this weekend, good luck to all competitors. We will be rooting for you from home.

Best of Luck,

Team Paragon

2nd Annual In-House Tournament, SUCCESSFUL!


Our Paragon 2nd Annual In-House Tournament was a total success. We want to thank from the instructors to the competitors for  making this event happen. We had a full house of Panthers from all over the place. Very proud of everyone who stepped up to the mats and competed. It was very fun and exiting to have everyone here.

Thank You,

Paragon Staff

PARAGON 2nd Annual In-House Tournament, JANUARY 31st, 2015

In-house event

Sign up at your Paragon school at front desk or email, NOW!

Deadline: January 28th

Paragon BJJ Ventura In-House Tournament, January 31st

bjj-brazilian-jiu-jitsu-jujutsu Sign Up with your Paragon School or send an email to paragonbjjventura@gmail.com with  the fallowing information:





There is a $35 Reg. Fee that can be paid with card over the phone or email.

Have some fun!

(805) 641-1378