Pan Jiu-Jitsu Championship 2014

Athletes Results By Category

WHITE / Adult / Male / Rooster

Third – Matthew Derrick – Paragon BJJ Academy

WHITE / Adult / Male / Middle

 Second – john murphy – Paragon BJJ Academy

WHITE / Adult / Male / Medium Heavy

 Third – Kurt Bonstel – Paragon BJJ Academy

WHITE / Master 1 / Male / Middle

 Second – James Smith – Paragon BJJ Academy

WHITE / Master 2 / Male / Ultra Heavy

 Third – Danny Gonzalez – Paragon BJJ Academy

BLUE / Juvenile 2 / Male / Feather

 Second – Justin Robert Ledesma – Paragon BJJ Academy

BLUE / Adult / Male / Ultra Heavy

Third – javier zapata – Paragon BJJ Academy

BLUE / Master 1 / Female / Light

 First – Laura Heiman – Paragon BJJ Academy

 BLUE / Master 1 / Female / Open Class

 First – Laura Heiman – Paragon BJJ Academy

 BLUE / Master 2 / Male / Light Feather

 Third – David Kramp – Paragon BJJ Academy

 BLUE / Master 2 / Male / Ultra Heavy

 Third – James Bannon – Paragon BJJ Academy

 BROWN / Adult / Female / Light

 Second – Laurah Elizabeth Hallock – Paragon BJJ Academy

 BROWN / Master 3 / Male / Medium Heavy

 Second – Raymond Joseph Arensdorf Jr. – Paragon BJJ Academy

 BLACK / Master 3 / Male / Middle

 Third – Eric Scott Wasmuth – Paragon BJJ Academy

 BLACK / Master 3 / Male / Super Heavy

 First – Ricardo Miller Ribeiro – Paragon BJJ Academy

 Third – Aurelio Gallegos Jr. – Paragon BJJ Academy

 BLACK / Master 4 / Male / Middle

 First – Christopher Lee Lovato – Paragon BJJ Academy

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Private Lessons with the ” Finomenal”!!!








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Pan American Brazilian Jiu Jitsu of 2014

We want to wish a very good luck to all competitors at the Pan American Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Tournament of 2014. You all have been working very hard to prepare for this battle and its finally here. Starting today the game is on, its all or nothing. Make the sweat worth the trophy!
vent group

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Sebastian Perez Champion Naga Grappling 2014

1966840_10203255199370643_281501994_nOur boy Sebastian Perez did a very good job on the last Naga 2014  Grappling Championship. Way to go boy. We all are very proud of you!!!

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Come support your Paragon BJJ Teammate Steve Shaw!!! Paragon #1


Our teammate and Ventura Kickboxing kids instructor, Steve Shaw will be doing his first amateur MMA fight this upcoming Saturday March 8. Come and support him at West Coast Academy in Oxnard. We are planning to go after we get done with our competition training, around 3pm. If you are interested to carpool, let us know. Below is the West Coast address:

2945 Los Olivos Oxnard, CA

Thank You!

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Results Pan Kids 2014

We sent four little Panthers and they did a great job in the Pan American Tournament this past weekend.

They all brought home their medals. One Gold and  three silvers.

Congratulations, we could not be more proud of you all.

Here bellow you have the results by division;


hector pan 2014


Those are our kids:

YELLOW / Junior 3 / Male / Medium Heavy   (pic above)

First – Hector Reyes – Paragon BJJ


YELLOW / Junior 2 / Male / Feather

Second – Aven Joseph Hartley – Paragon BJJ


ORANGE / Teen 3 / Male / Light

Second  - Americo Kristian Garcia – Paragon Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Corpus Christi


ORANGE / Teen 2 / Male / Middle

Second – John Christopher Duque – Paragon BJJ Academy

great job little panthers.



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Congratulation to all competitors for the San Francisco International Open 2014!!


WHITE / Master 1 / Male / Heavy

First – Michael Townsend

WHITE / Master 2 / Male / Feather

Second – Charlie Corrow

BROWN / Master 2 / Male / Light

Third – Manuel Paul Marquez

BLACK / Master 1 / Male / Middle

Third – Michael Lance Glynn

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This are some words from John Brink. Owner of Paragon BJJ Dallas. Really beautiful words with a awesome video from the bestest guys!!! Watch it. It will take just some minuts.


Running an academy has been the most rewarding thing I’ve done outside of being a father. Not sure what I’d do without the mat and the guys here I have a connection with. I love seeing jiu jitsu change people. It can be a grind, no doubt. T…here’s shady, cheap people.  But someone once told me that at times you have to search through a bunch of trash to find the gold. It’s worth it.  I want to be on the mat as an old man and still teach. It’s what makes me happy. My heart and appreciation is with my Paragon family. Stay focused, stay together and keep making an impact on the world by showing others the jiu jitsu way of life – ONE TEAM.

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Congratulation to all competitors this weekend in Santa Barabara. Kids did a great job, showing so much good tecniques. Really impressive!!! We also, want to say congratulation to all intructors for the awesome job you guys have been doing with students.We couldn’t be more proud of our Team!!

1502615_10151964565209370_1262088968_o First Place:

Kai Safran

Justin Cortez

Jude Shin

Brice Owen

Kai Sodergreen

Jason Bautista

Victor Zepeta

Noah Polley

Naomi Cembrano

Jon Mupphy

John Arce

Dominic Dawson

Garo Nahabedian

Penny De la Cruz

John Duque

Eoin Kingsley

Kayla Fitzsmmans

Ediardo Gonzales


Luke Kirsh

Lucas Brown

Paul Choen

Second Place:

Kian Miller

Albert Kubic

Jack Pointer

Zack Lea

Joana Shin

Judit Gottilieb

Pablo Valladares

Zack Settels

Natalie Rodriguez

Jimmy Chaug

Joel Chavez

John Castaneda

Gavin Payton

John Duque

Payton Krashena


Selena Nequetz

Justin Ledesma

Bryan Meji

Carlos Lopez

Adan Abrans

Ben Kin

Third Place:

Joshua Requena

Naomi Cembrano

Weston Healy

Sianna Cosio

Arturo Alegria

Andre Lacement

Chira Lea

Orodeza Reino

Cameron Wood

Peter Saji

Edella Westernfield

Gina Owen

Kevin Pothe

Gustavo Regali

Ediie Areola

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Paragon Jiu Jitsu Academy wishes to all Paragones a great time in the In-house Tournament!! And don’t forget that the most important is to have fun!!!



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