World Masters 2015 (IBJJF) bringing the Panther crew to Las Vegas in Sept 25/26!

Paragon BJJ Academy
BLUE / Master 1 / Male / Middle-James Smith
BLUE / Master 1 / Male / Middle-Kacey Brown
BLUE / Master 1 / Male / Medium Heavy- David Perry
BLUE / Master 1 / Male / Feather- Jon Resnick
BLUE / Master 1 / Male / Super Heavy-Bjorn Vilhelm Dahlgren
BLUE / Master 2 / Male / Ultra Heavy-J. Danny Gonzalez
BLUE / Master 2 / Female / Medium Heavy-Yvonne Moore
BLUE / Master 2 / Male / Feather-Brian Harris
BLUE / Master 2 / Male / Middle-Craig Chelius
BLUE / Master 2 / Male / Heavy-Christos Vasilopoulos
BLUE / Master 3 / Male / Middle-Mitsuru Kusuhara
BLUE / Master 3 / Female / Middle-Jannien Ramos
PURPLE / Master 1 / Male / Feather-Juan Covarrubias
PURPLE / Master 1 / Male / Light-Uday Malhotra
PURPLE / Master 2 / Male / Medium Heavy-Luca Belloiu
PURPLE / Master 2 / Male / Middle-Martin Requena
PURPLE / Master 2 / Male / Heavy-Jr. Anthony Guerrero
PURPLE / Master 2 / Female / Middle-Brenda Soto
BROWN / Master 1 / Male / Light Feather-Adam Jeremy Abrams
BROWN / Master 2 / Male / Light- Manuel Paul Marquez
BROWN / Master 2 / Male / Ultra Heavy-Carlos Angel Lopez
BROWN / Master 3 / Male / Medium Heavy-Joseph Paul Harris
BROWN / Master 3 / Male / Light-John Anthony Sandoval Jr
BROWN / Master 3 / Male / Heavy-Nico Vrataric
BROWN / Master 3 / Male / Ultra Heavy-Morgan J. Mainz
BLACK / Master 1 / Male / Ultra Heavy-Arthur John Rivas
BLACK / Master 1 / Male / Medium Heavy-Michael Lance Glynn
BLACK / Master 2 / Male / Middle-John Edward Letters
BLACK / Master 2 / Male / Heavy-Rodrigo Antunes Guimarães
BLACK / Master 2 / Male / Super Heavy-Manuel Vazquez Flores
BLACK / Master 4 / Male / Super Heavy- Ricardo Miller Ribeiro


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One of the most exiting tournaments is happening in Las Vegas this year with many competitors ready for some great fights and some gold medals. The excitement is real competitors and supporters are ready to make the trip. Support our competitors with the purchase f a tee so help them pay for their trip. Good Luck to all, we are very proud of you Masters! September 25/26 2015!


Mixed Martial arts is a fast growing sport and what could be better than Paragon being one of the schools you could start your training at!? Yes, Paragon is one of the martial arts schools anyone can start their basic to advance training. Check out this great video from Keyt news and see what our school in Santa Barbara has to say about their experience with students and the students themselves express their aspirations to become the best in our gym. Our students make us who we are, thank you!

PARAGON POOL PARTY of 2015 coming up August 22th!!!!

Event of every year is this month! Paragon friends and family come and enjoy  a refreshing day at one of our best places in Montecito. Everyone will be there so make sure not to miss this great family get together. Meet your fellow teammates from other schools as well.

Save the date!

Updates on the link below..


JIU-JITSU World League August 25th Results! Santa Maria, Santa Barbara, Lompoc, and Ventura

Lots of medals returning to Paragon proving the hard work that is put into the mats but more importantly the experience and lesson taken from this tournament. It sure was an aggressive tournament with great talents that we all appreciate. Our students are committed to win and prepared to loose when the case comes but hard work is always there. Big Thank You to our coaches for being the support the students need, without you guys our schools could not have done this fantastic fights. Great Weekend and more tournaments to come…
Albert 2 gold Jose SB Santa Maria Crew SB

Busy but successfulweekend for Paragon 7/25-7/26, 2015!!!

This was a great outcome!! Thank You Paragon Jiu Jitsu & Kickboxing for offering this to the public. We are sure these women walked out with some great self-defense technique for some occasion. Hope to see them back on them mats! Something every school should organize from time to time. Grateful! ‪#‎Paragonandgirls‬ ‪#‎Paragonteam‬11728769_10153193331043800_3624865284361809345_o

Kids WORLDS also this weekend! A couple of shots taken by our mentors at the scene. Hope to reach results soon… but overall we can tell it was a great tournament for our talented monsters. We appreciate the time they put into practice but we also thank our kids coaches for giving them the best tools they require to make it through. Awesome team work! Congratulations from your Paragon Team.


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Best of the Best going to KIDS WORLDS 2015

Our tough Panthers to fight in the kids Worlds!

Wishing every single one a great match and a great experience!


White Belt – Light Feather-JUSTIN CORTEZ
White Belt – Light- ELIJAH GARCIA
White Belt – Medium Heavy-ERIC MORALES
White Belt – Light- MARINA MORALES
Grey Belt – Rooster-RAIDEN DE LA CRUZ
Grey Belt – Light Feather- NOAH SAN JUAN
Grey Belt – Light- JOSHUA REQUENA
Orange Belt – Super Heavy-PENELOPE DE LA CRUZ

Date: Sat. July 25, 2015
Place: 4000 E. Ontario Center Parkway
Ontario, CA 91764



American National GI/ No-GI Jiu-Jitsu Championship 2015 Results

BLUE / Master 2 / Male / Ultra Heavy
Second – J. Danny Gonzalez – Paragon BJJ Academy
BROWN / Master 1 / Male / Light Feather
First – John Anthony Torres – Paragon BJJ Academy
BROWN / Adult / Male / Middle
First – Jose M Portillo Jr – Paragon BJJ Academy
BLACK / Master 2 / Male / Light
First – Robert Mark Dembeck – Paragon BJJ Academy
BLACK / Master 3 / Male / Super Heavy
First – Ricardo Miller Ribeiro – Paragon BJJ Academy
GREY / Pee-Wee 2 / Male / Light
Second – Joshua Martin Requena – Paragon BJJ Academy
BLUE / Master 2 / Male / Heavy
Third – Christos Vasilopoulos – Paragon BJJ Academy
PURPLE / Adult / Male / Feather
Third – peter fabela – Paragon BJJ Academy
PURPLE / Master 2 / Male / Medium Heavy
Second – Luca Belloiu – Paragon BJJ Academy
BROWN / Adult / Male / Middle
First – Jose M Portillo Jr – Paragon BJJ Academy
BROWN / Master 2 / Male / Ultra Heavy
Second – Carlos Angel Lopez – Paragon BJJ Academy
BROWN / Master 2 / Male / Light Feather
Third – John Anthony Torres – Paragon BJJ Academy
BLACK / Master 2 / Male / Light
Third – Robert Mark Dembeck – Paragon BJJ Academy
BLACK / Master 2 / Male / Heavy
First – Rodrigo Antunes Guimarães – Paragon BJJ Academy
BLACK / Master 4 / Male / Medium Heavy
First – Ricardo Miller Ribeiro – Paragon BJJ Academy
BLACK / Master 4 / Male / Open Class
Third – Ricardo Miller Ribeiro – Paragon BJJ Academy
10357598_901410276600121_632901472188857143_n 10995860_901410209933461_1330664863878170164_n 11202818_901410113266804_3876053458450961937_n 11232993_1113288638685835_2073054551646454888_n 11249766_1021846701183098_8975839981142931352_n 11709521_10206281221617183_4612789826859876035_n 11713935_900165973391218_6537078440355409332_o 11742644_926183047425318_3021431602875760922_n 11742996_926633454046944_8228634535653220727_n 11667483_1158124784204455_6648663509036053771_n

American National GI/ NO GI Jiu-Jitsu Championship, July 10,11

Paragon BJJ Academy
BLUE / Master 2 / Male / Ultra Heavy -J. Danny Gonzalez
BLUE / Adult / Male / Middle- Alberto Luiz Cunha Canezin
PURPLE / Adult / Male / Feather- peter fabela
PURPLE / Master 2 / Male / Medium Heavy- Luca Belloiu
BROWN / Master 2 / Male / Ultra Heavy -Carlos Angel Lopez
BROWN / Adult / Male / Middle- Jose M Portillo Jr
BROWN / Master 2 / Male / Light Feather- John Anthony Torres
BLACK / Master 1 / Male / Middle -Alex Martins do Nascimento
BLACK / Master 2 / Male / Light- Robert Mark Dembeck
BLACK / Master 2 / Male / Heavy- Rodrigo Antunes Guimarães
BLACK / Master 4 / Male / Medium Heavy -Ricardo Miller Ribeiro
GREY / Pee-Wee 2 / Male / Light- Joshua Martin Requena

Super exited for this tournament our warriors are out for war and so are a coupe of the black belts along!! Patiently waiting for great battles…

Paragon Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu MMA Daimyo with a GREAT deal for students!!!!


2015 LA Open June 27-28 Results


11066076_920159928027630_6474066485835861028_n 11137205_10200676151582050_5335335640757113611_n 11140758_1131479336868435_7380451363873951028_n 11705556_1036119716398144_5328721087776039646_o

Is blue the new black??

AWESOME performances this weekend by Albert, James and Joel! Way to win the war warriors, they truly mean passion! Very grateful, our Team is strong!

Pictures taken by competitors